Various  services offered by Nationlink Telecom for Mobile (Prepaid, Postpaid) and LandLine Customers.

Short Message Service:


  1. Set the service centre number by putting [+252 69960105].
  2. Manage your text messaging according to your handset inventor instructions.


New Customer (Making First Call)   

  1. Dial 990 then, listen the anauncement
  2. select your favourite language
  3. Press 1 for Somali
  4. Press 2 for English
  5. Thank you!!!


Caller Back Ring Tone (CRBT):

  1. Subcriber for CRBT Service
  2. The Dialer would listen to song set by you.


Top up Account:

  1. Buy any value of NationLink's Prepaid card
  2. Gently, scratch the covered area in the card
  3. Dial 991 then, put the PIN ending by pound

Check Balance:

  1. Dial 992, then listen and follow the prompts  


  1. Send the USSD code: *992#
  2. then your account balance will appear on the screen

Know Your Phone Number:

  1. Send *990# then, your Mobile number will appear on the screen
  2. Country code: 252
  3. National code: 69
  4. Direct number: The rest is your number
  5. Note that your number format is +252 69N XXX XXX.


Outgoing Calls:

  1. For local calls just dial the direct number
  2. For Telecom Somalia dial 062 plus the direct number
  3. International calls: 00 or (+) followed by the complete number


Using PPS Services:

Dial 990 and listen to the voice prompt. You will introduce how to:

  1. Recharge Your account
  2. Querying Balance
  3. Modifying Password
  4. Modifying Language
  5. Missing claim / Claiming missing
  6. Familiarity Number Service
  7. Credit Transfer
  8. Balance Sharing
  9. Know Your Phone Number
  10. Contact to the customer care