Company Profile:

NationLink Telecom came into being on September 1997. The company provides telecommunication services to all over Somalia and is one of the leading service providers in the country. The company's focus is in the core areas of Mobile, Fixed Lines, Internet and Satellite Mobile services. The overall objective of NationLink Telecom is to provide telecommunication services to all Somalis and by doing so, change their lives positively.

We believe that access to communication is the right of every Somali. Therefore, we are committed to providing products and services that will ensure that no matter who you are and where you are in Somalia, you will have such access.

NationLink applies the following business concepts, which have proven to be essential to its success in the telecommunications field:


A commitment to a spirit of intuitiveness in all of its business activities is what makes NationLink unique among other companies.


Respect for our clients' and candidates' confidentiality is a fundamental part of NationLink’s business policies. Which is crucial in today's competitive telecommunications market.


NationLink’s numerous projects and long history have given it the additional knowledge that can only come from experience, enabling it to provide better service to its customers.


NationLink’s executives and employees insist on achieving and maintaining the standards in technological expertise, customer service and business relations.


Respect for opinions and ideas are essential to maintain a progressive environment.


Team Work:
NationLink realizes that the increasing complexity of business and technology requires a combined effort on the part of all employees to maintain a competitive edge.


Working toward the future demands that we not only focus on today's needs, but also develop technologies for the needs of tomorrow.


Mission Statement

Change and dynamic thinking is a distinguishing feature we relished over the years. In order To keep up with the pace of innovation and growth in the business of telecommunication our only choice is to embrace forward thinking and better adaptation to change. To perfect the art of better adaptation to changes is not a matter of choice, but out of sheer necessity.

In the last few decades, the world of technology has experienced a dramatic pace of innovation. These sweeping changes turned the world into small village. No place on the globe became safe from this wind of change. We, NationLink Telecom of Somalia, have not been spared. Moreover, we have strived, through adversity and harsh environmental settings mired by civil war, to establish one of the best telecommunication services in Africa. Our goal became that of bringing together a nation dispersed by civil strife throughout the globe.

With new technologies, excellent customer service and cheap prices we have perfected the art of providing services that are tailored both to individual needs and satisfaction.